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We really started this blog to keep track of all the innovative projects and products we want to keep track of in heritage and related fields. We are running it under the guise of CyArk, a non profit organization whose mission is to digitally preserve the worlds cultural heritage, among a few other things.

This blog will explore the development and use of digital survey and visualisation tools in heritage. In addition we hope to share a few tips and tricks, as well as what we are up to in our Oakland and Edinburgh offices.

Who are we?

Raised in Southern California, Scott completed his Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Oregon in 2008. On the weekends you can find him busy behind the stove or grill creating a tasty dish. While not busy at CyArk, Scott enjoys photography, spending time with his family (and dogs) and working on his house with his wife.


Born in the south of England, Adam studied BA Archaeology at the University of Bristol before pursuing postgraduate study in MSc Archaeological Computing at the University of Southampton. Now living in Edinburgh, he spends his spare time travelling to historic and natural places of interest, reading, attempting photography, and a spot of PC gaming. Adam cooked once and enjoyed it.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Patrick

    I am SO excited that something is in the air about the gypsum wall carvings in the British Museum! I have often wondered what the room would have looked like originally when in their original locations in Ashurbanipal’s Palace. I hope that Scott and Adam are working in that direction. I remember emailing an archaeologist in charge of Eastern Studies at the British Museum concerning the two “stylii” tucked in the King’s sash as he was hunting lions. I have noticed daggers before, but not writing instruments. It was suggested that he was literate and was showing off the fact he could write. I’m anxious to read what their project really is!

    Patrick Galleguillos


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